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The Search bar is at the top of any Showwcase page you’re viewing, and it allows you to search for people, jobs, companies, shows, and more. You can click any suggestions that appear in the dropdown list as you type or submit your search to see the full results.

termstringParameter defines the query you want to search.

Default value: users

stringParameter defines the type of search you want to do.

Allowed values: users, shows, threads, userTags, tags, communityCategories, communities, companies, jobs, top

filtersstringFilter expression containing one or more conditions.

Default value: 0

numberPagination offset.

Default value: 15

numberPagination limit. (Max value 100)
  • You can search using keywords such as company or job title. For example, you can search for "Richard Branson Founder".

  • If you don’t know the full name of the person you’re searching for, enter other information that you know about them. For example, you can search for “Editor The Kansas City Star”.


Filters use document fields to establish filtering criteria.

To use a document field as a filter, you must first add its attribute to the filterableAttributes index setting.


This step is mandatory and cannot be done at search time. Filters need to be properly processed and prepared by Meilisearch before they can be used.

Updating filterableAttributes requires recreating the entire index. This may take a significant amount of time depending on dataset size.